Heating System Therma StorX

Heizsystem StorX

The StorX heating system is a low-limescale and low-maintenance heating station for heating and circulating drinking water in the outdoor climate stable.
The heat transfer to the drinking water takes place indirectly via a storage water on a stainless steel pipe helix.
The heating element, which is otherwise susceptible to limescale, does not come into direct contact with service water, because it only heats the storage water in the storage tank up to max. 60˚ C; the temperature at which limescale begins to dissolve.
Should calcification nevertheless occur on the pipe helix, it will break off again due to the unique heat exchanger design as it contracts or expands due to different service water temperatures. This means that there is no longer any need for complex descaling of the system.
The StorX has a comprehensible and robust design. The pump is switched on via the main switch and the flow temperature is set via a rotary control, the system then runs automatically.
The bronze pump, specially developed for circulation and hot water circuits, is designed for a ring pipe network of up to 225 m (Therma StorX) and 375 m (Therma StorX Pro) length (0.5 m3/h and 3/4" pipe diameter). For larger pipe diameters, the pipe length can be increased.
Please make sure that the lines are insulated to save energy.
Umlaufheizgerät Therma StorX
Schematic drawing Therma StorX
The storage water is heated to max. 60 degrees C. with an electric heating rod. The heat exchanger made of a special stainless steel tube takes up the hot storage water and releases it to the drinking water flowing through. The special design of the heat exchanger expands when heated. As a result, any lime that may be adhering breaks off again immediately.



Technical information

Ein: G 1 ½", Aus: ¾"
3000 oder 4500 Watt
6,0 m oder 10 m
max. 96 W (3.0) bzw. 400 W (4.5)
0-40°C (Drehregler)


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