Drinking-Bowl SF3/B

Swine Bowl SF3/B

The shape and function of the SF3 meet the requirements of modern pig breeding. The hygienic, lowsoiling construction of the bowl and pressure flap ensures that the animals receive clean drinking water. Thanks to the optimised pressure ap function for operating the HOSP “SF” valve with through ow regulation the water refilling can be infinitely adjusted, and even young animals can drink water in the first few days of their lives thanks to its ease of operation.

Technical information

G 1/2"
2,5 l/min (at 4 bar)
Grey cast, enamelled


Hosp Products

Drinking Bowl

Drinking Bowls ❯

Robust and durable Waterer for Cattle, Cows and Horses
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Drinking Bowl for Pigs

Swine Bowls ❯

Easy-to-operate pressure flap function in the pig and piglet product series from HOSP, especially for mother herd husbandry.
Waterer in stainless steel

Liquid-Series ❯

Frostsichere Ventiltränken, ohne Strom. Komplett aus Edelstahl
Trough in stainless steel

Trough Series ❯

The trough series with a high-performance float valve with refill capacity of 80l/min, completely produced from high-quality stainless steel

Break Tank ❯

Leistungstarke und zuverlässige Systemtrennung nach DIN EN 1717. Damit Ihr Trinkwasser nicht gefährdet wird.
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