Your specialist manufacturer of drinking bowls and troughs.

Schweinebecken SF3/B
Drinking-Bowl SF3/B
The hygienic, lowsoiling construction of the bowl and pressure flap ensures that the animals receive clean drinking water. Thanks to the optimised pressure flap function for operating the HOSP “SF” valve with through flow regulation...
Trogserie STB
Trough-Series STB
The Trough-Series from HOSP with a high-performance float valve has a water refill capacity of 80l/min*, is produced completely from stainless steel and offers high rigidity...
Tränkebecken E/2
Drinking Bowl E/2
The new E/2 drinking bowl from HOSP with a large and replaceable bowl of nearly six liters capacity and and it's stainless steel flange convinces with it's high hygienic standard...

About HOSP

As a special manufacturer of drinking bowls and drinking systems, HOSP, together with partner ALLWEILER, has characterised its very own brand. Years of experience, in addition to a team of highly qualified employees and engineers, guarantee the most modern in drinking technology with the highest level of quality.
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