Quality since 1953

As a special manufacturer of drinking bowls and drinking systems, HOSP, together with partner ALLWEILER, has characterised its very own brand. Years of experience, in addition to a team of high- ly qualified employees and engineers, guarantee the most modern in drinking technology with the highest level of quality.
Since the start of drinking bowl production in 1953 at ALLWEILER in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, and a takeover by HOSP Tränkesysteme in 1986, highly committed skilled labour has been producing the established drinking bowls and drinking systems in Klettgau.
Production of Waterers

Manufacturing at HOSP

The trough and LIQUID-series from HOSP is completely produced in high-quality stainless steel and offers high rigidity with its material thickness. The technology of the valves used in our products is able to work with very low and high line pressure and guarantees long and reliable operation.
Production of Waterers and troughs

Individual production as well as quality-trained employees with a lot of passion, reliability and commitment allows us to produce innovative products for livestock farming.


Drinking behaviour, hygiene, ergonomics and reliability are just a few of the demands which our products have to meet. Prototypes and new products are tested and evaluated by HOSP Tränkesysteme in cooperation with one of the most renowned animal hospitals in Switzerland. During this process, the points listed above are considered the most important criteria which make HOSP products stand out, and these are continuously developed. The drinking behaviour of dairy cows is an important factor which influences cost effectiveness and efficiency.

For this reason, the yield output of dairy cows has been investigated in cooperation with one of the leading agricultural research centres. The result was an increase in milk yield of nearly 20% in a very short time after the proper water quantity was provided. High throughflow rates are achieved even at low water pressures through the use of patented valve technology in drinking bowls, in the LIQUID series and the trough series.